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  • We work weekly 5days (45 hours) and consider this 5 days as work days except government holidays. Our office remain close in government holidays.
  • We start counting our work days from the day that we receive payment. If the dates of agreement and payment are different, we consider the day for receiving payment at as “day 0” and we shall count afterwards.
  • We follow strictly our refund policy. We do not refund after completion of structural development. If a client wants to change his/her mind and wants to claim refund, s/he must notify us before we start our development. For refund he must fill up our refund form.
  • After signing the agreement, we shall work according to the written work order. We shall not consider any new modifications.
  • To change or adjust new work, new agreement and billing will be provided.
  • For cyber security work, a client might require police GD copy for certain types of works. Not necessary for all of them
  • We don’t agree to do any work that may violate terms and conditions of Bangladesh government information technology policies, International standardization policies and human, social, and cultural ethics.